The Joys of Thick, Frizzy Hair – Not!

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Okay gals and pals!  We know that everybody comes in all shapes and sizes, so that also goes for our tresses . . . or what some of us would like to call it – mane!  Those of you with thick, course, frizzy hair – whether long or short – know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!  People whose hair falls into place when they get up in the morning, or can wash their hair on a daily basis without worrying that they are going to take most of the day styling it, just don’t seem to understand the aggravation and the exhaustion of having locks-of-labor instead of locks-of-love.

Here are 25 important facts that only women (and men) with thick frizzy hair would understand:

  1. Whether your hair is long or short, it can take 2 hours to blow dry through the craziness that likes to go every which way but YOUR way.
  2. Speaking of blow drying, your arms feel like they are going to fall off before you are done.  Two reasons – keeping your arms lifted and moving in directions they’re not use to, and trying to separate strands at the same time while holding a brush, a few pins, a blow dryer, and . . . well, you catch my drift.
  3. You’re not even done blow drying the hair and your head starts to sweat from this mini workout.  Back to step one, ugh!
  4. Once you realize the trouble and time of blow drying, you rather leave your hair a mess instead of fighting with a blow dryer again!
  5. Straightening the hair with a straightening iron might be a little easier, but takes just as much time and can make your hair look too flat.
  6. It takes the hair a  L  –  O  –  N  –  G  time to dry naturally, sometimes as much as 24-hours!
  7. . . . And when you let it dry naturally it’s less “beach goddess” and more of a “giant pyramid of frizz”.
  8. Your housemate(s) always complain about your hair clogging the shower/tub drain.  If they only understood that you just took hours on your hair, and you really don’t feel like tackling another hour declogging the drain.
  9. Spending most of your life savings into products and salon services to keep the hair tamed . . . and sometimes that isn’t enough.
  10. When you walk into a hair salon they look at you and say, “Don’t worry, we’ll fix it.”  OBVIOUSLY (but rude).
  11. What’s worse, is when the stylist says, “Your hair is full and gorgeous.  People would die for your hair!”  Please, take it!  They don’t know what they are missing.
  12. How about those times you go to a stylist, see that they have a particular price for a cut and blow dry, but they charge you double (sometimes only after they are done) because of your thick, frizzy hair.  H-E-L-L-O!  I didn’t ask for this birds nest on my head.  Why am I punished?
  13. There is no such thing as hair clips or dainty elastic hair bands to someone with big hair.  It will usually snap off or fling off, possibly shooting someone’s eye out.
  14. Sometimes you get a headache just carrying all that hair around.
  15. You leave a trail of hair everywhere you go.
  16. People are always either telling you that you have hair on the back of your shirt or picking it off of you (as if it was a courtesy.  No, it’s embarrassing).
  17. You can’t wash and style your hair everyday otherwise you’d be out of a job and out of money for as much time it takes.
  18. . . . But then you start looking like you have been in the snow with all the dandruff that has built up.
  19. You come home smelling like everything you’ve been around because your hair acts like a filtration system.
  20. Everything you do with your hair is generally a bicep workout.
  21. When your hair knots, you can’t help but think cutting it out just might be easier than attempting to detangle it.
  22. You try and wear hats on your “off days”, but it pops off your hair with all that volume and frizz.  The only other alternative is to wear a helmet with an under-the-chin strap to hold it down.
  23. Your hair always looks like you’ve been “rolling in the hay”.  That could be either good or bad.
  24. You fret because you have a bunch of “baby curls” newly sprouting from your scalp, which pushes your hair more upward and out.  Whaaa!
  25. You at least once went for Halloween as Cousin It from the Addams Family.

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