Great Trunk~or~Treat Ideas for Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner!  Do you have your ghostly decorations put in the yard?  Do you have candy (that you’re trying hard not to eat) ready for the trick-or-treaters?  Perhaps you are like me and don’t have anything in mind, or you can’t think of ideas right off the top of your head to do.  Maybe you live at a place where you cannot decorate (like an apartment or condominium).  Here’s how to get around that!  Below you will see a link that gives decoration tips for your vehicle.  Yes, that’s right – for your vehicle!  If you haven’t heard this before, it is called Trunk-or-Treat.  It is usually community-sponsored or organized by churches, but you can virtually decorate your vehicle anywhere!  This also comes in handy when you don’t have much to spend and can use most items within the home.  Check out the various ways to decorate your vehicle (both extreme and moderate) and decide which one best fits your fancy.  Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Author’s pick:  Pirate Treasure Chest Hunt (finding candy within the coins, rubies, etc.), and the I Spy game to be played to get candy.

Click here to get 120 creative trunk-or-treat ideas

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