How It Is On Election Day

Election Day has come and gone
“Hurray to you” for those who won!

Aren’t you glad the Election Day is over? I hope each of you has had the chance to vote! Here’s a look back on that day, last Tuesday, when I was campaigning at the polls and attended the campaign after party (let’s just say at some point during the day it became very interesting) . . . 

Maybe I should write this in a “fast-forward” motion.  I must!  Otherwise you’d be reading this all day (or night) if I told you about a 14 hour day worth of stories (and believe me, there were a few!)

It was early Tuesday, November 4, 2014 . . . the dawn was approaching, the stars began to fade . . . I was finally feeling vibrant after a week of feeling lousy and bedridden with the flu.  I got up early to start my day – I had so many ideas waiting to be created!  I had a checklist of VIP things to do, knowing in one day I wasn’t going to accomplish them all, but getting started was key.  One in particular was to make sure I vote.  Yes, the most dreaded day and yet the most anticipated day of the year.  The debacle and debates had passed, now it was up to the People to decide.  I wished good luck to those I knew who were running locally, and was about to head out the door to my precinct to vote, when I received a text message asking if I could help with someone’s campaign.  I thought to myself, “sure, why not?  I can vote anytime today!  I don’t mind helping out . . . doing something different.  Besides, this will give me the opportunity to meet people I can network with, and be actively involved with the community.”

I was on my way to one precinct to get supplies for County Commissioner Tod Mowery‘s re-election campaign to head off to another precinct for part of the day.  Had my campaign shirt on and printed material in hand to pass out.  Good thing I knew enough about Mr. Mowery and the direction he wants to see the county go, because people do ask, and people will test your knowledge.  In my opinion if it’s the last day to vote, and you are heading to a precinct to vote, you should already have an idea about the candidates who are running; so I think that those people who are not genuinely inquisitive about a candidate, by wanting to debate with campaigners are just looking to pick a fight out of boredom or something else completely.

10801655_10152793603667440_6935131263258685662_nI had a good time in Tradition, which is west Port St. Lucie, talking to people and sharing Mr. Mowery’s beliefs.  I met a few campaigners for other candidates running for mayor and judge and had a good time getting to know them.  One lady was just a bit off her rocker, but she rocked it out there and certainly was great entertainment for campaigners and voters alike.  One campaigner was in advertising, which is right up my alley!  Although, I think he had a little crush on me because he asked me to lunch LOL.  MEN!  When I reach out my hand, they want a “hug”, or when I offer a network relationship, they think an “intimate relationship”.  Oh dear!  I could be wrong and this guy might just be a superb gentleman, but he didn’t ask any other lady around me to lunch, and I’m good at picking up what someone is putting down.  So, with all due respect, I had to decline his offer to show some “boundaries” of what I think a network relationship is.

Of course we had the occasional voter who didn’t want to have anything to do with us, but what really got me questioning is how many people do not say “you’re welcome” or “you too” after I said “Thank you for voting, have a great day!”  I didn’t have to say anything.  I could strictly be there to push politics down your throat, in which I’m there for, but I go that extra mile by hoping you have a nice day.  I’m not trying to get anything out of it – you already voted!  It’s almost as if you’re too nice in this world (especially during elections) they think you have an ulterior motive behind it.  It just makes me feel good to make others feel good – I accept it, can you?

Loved the elderly couples!  Helping each other up the stairs.  Sometimes campaigners and I would help them to the door, but get a slap on the wrist by the sheriff that we have to stay the 100 feet minimum from the polls.  Then get someone to help these poor folks, otherwise arrest us for being standup citizens!

There was one campaigner (not on Team Mowery) that had an obnoxious attitude. If she (let’s call her Obnoxious Olga) was helping my campaign and I knew how she was, she would be my last resort.  I’m not one to judge, but others around me had.  I saw how she was – inactive and not really engaging with anyone – but it wasn’t my problem and I wasn’t going to tell her how to be.  HOWEVER, when she decided to attack another campaigner for Mr. Mowery that just arrived, I had

Tod Mowery and 95 y/o grandfather

Tod Mowery and 95 y/o grandfather

to step in.  I didn’t care what it was about, who was right or wrong, she was just carrying on obnoxiously while voters were around and it was very disrespectful.  Basically, what happened is that when my Mowery-mate (like how I put that?) showed up she had a sign that went into the ground, and she stuck it into the ground on the precinct property real quickly as she went back to her car to get more material to pass out.  She stuck it in the ground because it was very windy that day and she didn’t want it to blow away.  I wasn’t able to hold it since another campaigner asked me to watch her signs from blowing away while she went to the restroom.  Low and behold, both campaigners came back about the same time and good ol Obnoxious Olga started running her mouth.  “You can’t put that there!  Do you see anyone else have signs like that there?  We don’t have any there . . . they don’t have any there . . . you shouldn’t have any there.”  She went on to say, “and if you are going to have a sign you must have it arms length away out in front of you – NOT beside you, not against you – in FRONT of you.”  My Mowery-mate tried to defend herself by letting the young woman, [cough, cough] I mean Obnoxious Olga know why she left it there for a few minutes – she shouldn’t have had to explain herself.  She even stating that she was coming back to get the sign after she was done getting the material anyhow, but Olga literally kept on.  Really?  Olga finally said something that made me have the last word.  She said, “You guys are old enough to know better that you don’t put signs there and you can’t be . . .” blah blah blah, what did being ‘old enough’ have to do with anything?  I had it!  Instead of being obnoxious back, I just firmly told her loud and clear, “OKAY!  They get it!  Now shut up.”  I didn’t know what to expect from her after that, since she was already throwing a tantrum over something so miniscule.  But she kept mute . . . until a few minutes later.  She didn’t directly apologize, but she did rephrase herself appropriately, and I did ask her “couldn’t you have said it this way the first time?”  She did not answer, so I think her silence meant a yes.

I had one man who didn’t know Mr. Mowery, took one look at his picture on the printout and said, “Oh, he’s gorgeous.  I’ll vote for him just because of that!”  Then he looks at another running candidate’s picture from another printout and said, “Hmmm, not him so much.”  I died laughing.  I immediately had to tell Tod.  A few women were the same way, but that’s to be expected.  One voter said that “he’s a good man . . . he’s been doing a great job so far . . . and being good-looking too is always a great push.”  I think she is right.  If you have the skills, the knowledge, the drive, the passion, the support, the confidence and the looks, it helps tremendously.  Would you disagree?


Met a few fellow parishioners from my church that day too, which was nice.  You think you know most people, but the church keeps growing with new followers and new believers that I’m glad I encountered about a dozen of them during the election, who certainly voted for Mr. Mowery, regardless of their political party.

The after party was great!  Got to mingle with people I knew and people I just met.  Pictures.  Memories.  Laughter.  Fun.  Tod won the election by more than 52%, which wasn’t by the sweep I thought it was going to be, but he certainly won.  Even with a newly broken big toe, and just getting over the flu, I stood on my feet for most of the 14 hours without fail – just gratitude, although I know some will say they are grateful for my support.  I guess that saying holds true: One for all, and all for one.

This was my first experience campaigning during an election and there are more stories I can tell you about the day, but I’ve already written too much.  It is quite an experience and you meet people from all walks of life.  I think I will do it again!

If anyone has pictures of the election and/or the party, please share.  Would love to see them!

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