Don’t Let Fear Stop You

Life ITSELF is a journey, but it’s the milestones that we accomplish that make all the difference!   What is it that you want to accomplish?  What is it that is holding you back? Together, take what you FEAR the most and what you want to ACCOMPLISH and do it!  By putting an aspect of yourself as seeing to accomplish, and the other you dread but want to conquer, will balance each other out.  For example:

One of my fears is speaking in front of a crowd, especially if it’s a question-and-answer conference.  The milestone I need to accomplish is running a large therapy group because that’s what my job requires.

How will I achieve that milestone if I have a fear of speaking in front of people?  Sometimes, what we have to do is put our trust in what we know we are capable of while introducing the fear.  Sometimes fears and accomplishments go hand-in-hand.  For example:

People often find that they have a fear of heights but know they’d like to visit the top of the Empire State building.

You will be tickled pink when you can accomplish the fear and the milestone at the same time, and believe me, you will have a new confidence about you.  Try it!    A milestone is never too BIG or too SMALL to achieve.  It is your own personal achievement that you WILL embrace.   Writing is just one ongoing milestone of mine, what is yours?

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