Think It, So Shall It Become: Perceiving what we want as reality

I was sitting with a friend at a local eatery, and as all friends do, we chat about anything and everything. Because I’m a deep intellectualist, my conversations tend to veer toward the philosophical or existential side of life (sometimes I don’t know the direction it’s going in). As we were conversing, I mentioned that sometimes I think of things – whether consciously or unconsciously (e.g. dreams) – that some of my thoughts tend to become reality. Although astonishing, I chalk it up to coincidence. But is it? My friend said something I never heard of before, telling me what I’m experiencing is called The Law of Manifestation, also known as The Manifestation Theory or The Law of Attraction <— I’ve heard of that one before! Of course I didn’t know the latter names until after I went home to research it. But in that moment I was intrigued what manifestation meant in terms of my thoughts. It was briefly explained to me, but I wanted to find out more! I grabbed some interesting concepts, but ultimately wrote my take on manifestation.

Do you believe in the Law of Manifestation/Attraction? Have you ever had an experience with it?


The Law of Manifestation (or The Law of Attraction) can be simplified by saying the things you think about are the things that you will become and/or get in your life. What we in our hearts and minds believe or long for, manifests in our reality.

This might just be me, but the first thing that comes to my mind is the quote “If you build it, he will come” from the movie Field of Dreams. Or “if you think it, therefore you become” from the spiritual leader Buddha.

Maybe the Law of Manifestation is parallel to soul searching or soulmates?


All of us give off energy. Our energies stretch laterally, perpendicularly and centrally. These energy “sources” create vibrations toward anything we want to focus on, at the same time while focusing on ourselves; or in other words “like attracts like.” With this attraction we are constantly creating and shaping the world around us by our thoughts and beliefs, which is perceived as reality, or becoming reality.

Each person perceives manifestation differently; no two are alike. One may have a belief that their dreams in some way can manifest into their reality. Another may focus on someone they haven’t seen in a long time and consciously tell themselves that person will appear at a given place or time. There is no limit to what can be manifested! There is no limit to how one perceives it! Sure, sometimes it might sound crazy that your best friend focuses so much on wanting to see her dead grandmother again, that she truly believes she sees her and begins to talk to her, but to her it’s her reality. That scenario is quite over-the-top and at the far end of only one spectrum.


We are powerful spiritual beings! We are co-creators with those around us through the Divine, and we procreate because we have the POWER to do so. So, why can’t we do more with the power we are given? We are not at the mercy of fate alone. Decide what it is that you want and how you want it, visualize it, energize it with positive thoughts, believe it can be real for you, then just let go and let it materialize. Don’t say “I hope” or “I want,” rather speak in the present tense like, “I AM” or “I HAVE”. Use all your five senses. Not always do they sync together – we are human after all, and have glitches like computers! But try and try again.

Did you know many of us today use this law and don’t even know it? Yep! Some of us don’t even know we have the key to unlock the power of what is in our possession. A good example of those who use manifestation are business leaders. Few, if any of these business leaders know they do it! They have the three Ps: the pressure of continuing to be successful for themselves and others; the perseverance in wanting to make things happen, and positive thoughts when it comes to reaching goals. If you know in the depths of your soul that you have the three Ps, than it is a good starting point to realize that you have the capabilities to send out your energy to bring something back to you.

Warning: Be careful what you wish for. Not everything people want or need is exactly what they thought they wanted or needed once they get it. Make sure you are aware of the responsibilities, consequences, and changes that may come with the manifestation before consciously deciding on it. So, if you don’t think if you can deal with it, don’t perceive it. Otherwise, it becomes the ugly word nobody likes to hear – KARMA!


Thoughts take energy. Creating takes energy. Thus, the imagination from these is vibrating strong energy waves. It’s easy to create, but not necessarily easy to deal with what you’ve created.

You can think about a person, place or thing. But the two common ones are people or things. It is easy to create material things. It’s harder to create emotional things or connectivity, such as relationships, fertility, even revenge. If you were able to create emotional things and have been successful at manifesting it, well then more power to you – you might be just a natural!

From what I’ve read, people who have disciplined themselves with the knowledge they gained and the strategies they took in creating what they want as reality, have been successful at it. When it didn’t always work, they kept calm and would try again later. Keeping calm during this time was key for most individuals. What you make of your emotions is what becomes of you and you don’t want to grapple with that monster. They also led better lives as they perceived as fit because they had more positive energy surrounding them, attracting the like.

Disclaimer: I don’t endorse or deny the potential benefits and risks manifestation may have on a person. Furthermore, the Law of Manifestation is part of a particular belief system and is considered a theory not based on empirical evidence.

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