Values: Societies greatest hurdle

*revised 5/18/2015

I was listening to a radio talk show this morning that was brushing up on the topic of relational values.

. . . Oh, how things have changed since our parents and grandparents.

These differences are in how we forgive . . . forget . . . and now we have this mentality that the “grass is always greener on the other side”; we are never satisfied enough.

Today we want more!  We think we can have more!

Society has become more selfish and less compassionate.  Not everyone is like this, but most of society is this way.

Did we teach ourselves this because we were beat up and broken down by others like that?  Or did we grow to learn this because of technological advances, that gave us things electronically faster, perhaps embedding in our minds that “instant gratification is always better?” 

If we think we can reach better, we’ll strive for better.

That is not necessarily a bad thing, but is it for your own self-interests only or is it [also] for the greater good?   Most will cross rivers and climb the highest mountain to get what they feel they deserve in life.  But some will use other people’s bodies as stepping stones to get to the top, no matter how it affects everything as a whole.  Which person are you?

In the twenty-first century we have become more competitive.  The interpersonal relationships that we have are always moving about.  It’s like a circuit – emotions, successes, failures, giving and taking is all cyclical and impacts our daily lives.  We must all be observant of these intricate workings and make attempts to stay grounded – give unselfishly, love unconditionally and live compassionately.

Life is full of choices.

Even when you think you don’t have a choice, you have that choice not to make a particular choice.  Hard to understand?  I’ll give you an example:  Let’s say a young man got arrested for a misdemeanor criminal activity.  The judge tells him he can do X-amount of community service hours or he can go to jail.  The young man feels like he does not have a choice in the matter because both are not acceptable by his terms, but inevitably he makes a choice.

You have a choice today to grow as an individual.  What choices are you willing to make?

Be true to yourself, I say!
If you love, show LOVE!
If you are a nurturer, NURTURE!
If you like someone, TELL THEM!  Experience and appreciate the vulnerability that you two share by letting your guards down in the moment.  Don’t pretend and place them in the “friend zone” for comfort sake because of fear of feeling.  Be YOU and others will see that as TRUTH.

Don’t hesitate because you’re afraid of what someone else may think, or because of your own pride getting in the way.  Don’t let either one of those interfere with whom you really are deep down inside.

It’s difficult not to want to harden your heart for those who’ve broken your trust and dismembered your self-worth with their inaction to be compassionate or dishonest or whatever it may be.  But just remove yourself from that, and your heart will find peace somewhere else with those who share the same values.

Copyright 2011 – 2015 (c) Angela J. Thomas

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