Newsweek: The Suicide Epidemic

The numbers will stun you! Where it ranks will shock you!

Real Talk

Newsweek The Suicide EpidemicIn the May 22nd issue of Newsweek, Tony Dokoupil explores what he calls the “Suicide Epidemic.”  As some of you may recall, Dokoupil is the author of another article I wrote about this past December.  Dokoupil’s article “The Moral Injury” detailed the “hidden injury” our soldiers incur while at war.  I found the article fascinating and well worth a feature on Real Talk.  Likewise I found his latest piece worth further discussing on this blog platform.

I was surprised to read that every year since 1999, more Americans have killed themselves than the year before.  In the past decade more than 400,000 Americans have killed themselves.  That figure is almost as many as World War II and the Korean War combined.

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