15 Wackiest Laws in the U.S.

The United States might be one of the best countries to live in, but also has the most wackiest and funniest laws in recent history.  Obviously, lawmakers probably had good intentions at one time or another when it came to enforcing these laws, however, it is hard not to wonder what was going through their minds at the time and think “boo!  Who ruined it for the rest of us?”

Here are my person top 15 of the wackiest laws that have stuck around or recently added.  Are any of the following a state you live in, and did you know about that law?

1. Colorado: One may not dismantle a rock in a state park.This means no mutilating or disfiguring a rock in any way. You might have guessed that this also goes for trees, shrubs, and flowers. Lawmakers in this state really want to preserve the natural beauty that Colorado has to offer in its state parks.

2. New Jersey: You may not pump your own gas.
New Jersey is one of the few remaining states that still has gas attendants that will pump your gas and, if you are lucky, get a good windshield wash down. If this isn’t where you live, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone do this for you on a very cold or rainy day?

3. Georgia: It is illegal to change the clothes on a storefront mannequin unless the shades are down (or you bring the mannequin in the back of the store behind closed doors).
Hey, I guess mannequin’s need their privacy too!?

4. Florida: This wacky law comes right out of Miami citing that men can’t be seen in public wearing any kind of a strapless gown.
Guess you guys are going to have to leave your sequence dresses at home.

5. Washington: In Seattle, the state’s biggest city, a person can now be fined for throwing leftovers or food scraps in the trash.
The law was just recently enforced July 1, 2015, and even though if a household trashcan is more than 10 percent recyclables or food waste, they will only face $1 fine on their next garbage bill.

6. Nevada: Teenage drivers can now (as of 2015) have their driver’s license suspended if they cut class.
It makes sense! If you can’t be responsible to come to class and graduate, than you’re probably not responsible enough to graduate to a car and be driving.

7. Vermont: In Barre, residents are required to bathe every Saturday night.
Apparently every other day is only optional.

8. Texas: You can’t sell you eyes.
“The Eyes of Texas” is the official song of the University of Texas, so I guess they are not kidding! In fact, you cannot sell any of your bodily organs under penalty of law.

9. Alabama: Bear wrestling matches are prohibited.
How do you get bears to wrestle anyway?

10. Kentucky: As of 2013 a wild hog cannot be released back into the wild once captured.
Um, that sounds paradoxical . . . “wild” is in the name of wild hog??

11. Washington, D.C.: It is illegal to have sex in any other position than the missionary position.
Come on! Who would really know?

12. Minnesota: It is illegal to have sex with a live fish.
Boy, I bet that would be difficult.

13. Pennsylvania: A man who wishes to buy a bottle of wine, or any type of alcoholic beverage, must have a written note of permission from his wife.
Believe it or not, this has led to a high rate of satisfied wives (emotionally and sexually) since the law was passed. Like they say “a happy wife is a happy life.”

14. California: In Palm Springs it is illegal to walk your camel (assuming you have one) between the hours of 4pm and 6pm.
Perhaps camels are not exactly a great rush hour mode of transportation.

15. Maryland: Swearing from a vehicle is a misdemeanor in Rockville.
Well, I’d be screwed then!

Hope you enjoyed my wacky state laws 🙂

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