. . . and That’s Why They Call It ‘Falling’

Falling in love can be scary.  That’s why it’s called “falling”. With any type of fall you’ve seen your life flash before your eyes and sometimes you wonder as you are falling “am I going to get hurt?”

Love is where you know you deserve the very best in someone so that it also brings out the very best in you. You want this . . . you know you need it.

Falling in love is suppose to be a time of confusion. It’s ok, because it makes you look within yourself and what you feel you can bring to the blossoming relationship.

The normal healthy confusion is this:  you don’t feel you deserve that person, but at the same time you want nothing less.  It is this pivotal moment while falling that either you embrace it or not face it.

Falling in love challenges people. Logically it is put on trial but in the end you can’t help but know the feelings outweigh anything that can be measurable.

Copyright | Angela J Thomas 2016, all rights reserved.

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