Fight the Good Fight

We are two people compassionate about our values – what we deserve, what we desire, what we hold dear. We value these things so much within ourselves that we create a blockade from each other. We don’t see beyond that. But we should. Because baby, if that’s our only hangup, it’s not worth a breakup, there’s a thousand times we can makeup, to know our hearts are still there. The easy way is “out”. That’s too weak for my soul! I’d rather “fight the good fight” together moving forward. The fight we have in us put to the true test of time, love, and serendipity; by embarking on a journey . . . a remarkable journey . . .  most likely, where we haven’t been before. But oh what a thrill, and all-in-all we are understanding the importance of each other’s values. I rather that than clash on superficial wants, or on hollow hearts. Having this kind of sapiosexual bond is not for the faint-hearted. We are what make others jealous where we stand – it is a place unattainable to most. It is a place I’d like to stay in with you. Our souls have been awakened. Our bodies so use to living without it that we have no idea how to nourish the soul – and that is what frightens us. But is it really a bad thing to feel . . . when it is moving us to a better understanding of ourselves and what we deserve, desire, and hold dear?

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