It’s Not Just Heartbreak You Have to Watch Out for, It’s . . .

** ​RAW and EXPLICIT material.**

. . . And yes, I wrote it with grammatical errors on purpose for affect. Not my usual type of post but still in the realm of my normal content regarding relationships. 

Yeah you be f***ing around with someone while we were together lying to my face several times that you weren’t. It doesn’t matter if our relationship is in the beginning, middle or towards the end, you’re either LOYAL all the way through or CUT the cord, WEAKLING, and you better be prepared as a MAN to say what for.

Straight up a**hole if you leave a woman in the dark, especially if she asks to know and especially if you were with her for some time and you said you loved her (it doesn’t matter whether you did or not you led her to believe that you loved her and obviously she stuck by your side thinking you did)

It’s sad these days, it’s not just heartbreak you got to look out for, you also can’t trust anyone anymore these days ’cause too much trust and you can catch a disease from a cheating MFer! Be careful who you open up to….

It takes a lot to rebuild from this kind of deceit, dishonesty and disbelief because these lying a** MFers don’t realize it’s a struggle interacting with others afterwards without thinking the worst because over and over and over again all guys ever did was play with the girl’s emotions, and she can’t even let her guard down for one second for a possibility. But then again, a true gentleman and a true man after a woman’s heart will see past that wall and know the best of her is yet to come with his patience. So maybe it’s worth the wait. I mean how satisfying after awhile is a superficial or empty relationship without real depth anyway? Think about it ladies before jumping….that leap you may never recover from. So you too be patient getting to know someone.

Dedicated to AJS
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