Daily Motivations

It is recommended to start your daily motivational readings in the morning.  This will give you the opportunity to become what it says and reflect back at the end of the day on it.  It is also recommended that if you were unable to attempt the motivation for the day, or simply would like to work on it more, continue with that day until you are personally satisfied to move forward to the next day.

Day 1: You don’t have to act impressive to be impressive. You just have to be you.

Day 2: Give yourself permission to enjoy the moment you’re in. Challenge yourself to share that joy, and wonder, and love, and enthusiasm, with as many people as possible, in your own special way.

Day 3: What other people think of you, or of anything else, is their business. Your business is to give rich expression to the unique beauty of life that is within you.

Day 4: Nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Because when situations become difficult, people become determined.

Day 5: Get the outer part of you be enthusiastically involved in the brilliant, exhilarating confusion and complexity of what’s going on. Let the inner part of you put it all in perspective.

Day 6: If your life could use some positive momentum, make some. Make the choice and take the action that will bring some real, new, positive value to this day.

Day 7: You don’t have to wait for things to get better. Because you can take it upon yourself to be better.

Day 8: It doesn’t matter what else might be going on. There is more than enough goodness within you to make a real difference when you give some of that goodness to the world around you.

Day 9: Just one authentically positive action can change the whole dynamic of your day. Think of how much more effective you’ll be with some positive momentum on your side, then get busy and do something to put it there.

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