Heart of Hope

Did I like you too much?

Did I hold on too tight?

Was it that you’re afraid

You’d get lost in my eyes?

Did it all come crashing down

When I showed you what you refused to see?

The kind of person you’re being

When I believed in who you wanted to be?


I walked away thinking

You’d follow me somehow.

I thought you’d catch me

When you came around.

That was only wishful thinking

Because I really thought you cared

About what we started together,

But all I see is you’re scared!


I hoped you’d tell me otherwise,

Show me that you’re real.

Forgive me for questioning

When I don’t know how you feel.

I hope you’d let your guard down

And put aside your pride,

To let me see your emotions

Not go out with the tide.


I’m not everyone else who’s wronged you –

You assured me the same!

So I let you into my world

That was closed off before you came.

I didn’t let others stop me

From starting anew with you

Even when I cautioned wisely,

I still to you were true!


Did you not like me too much?

Did you not want to hold on tight?

Were you afraid you couldn’t tell me

What you felt inside wasn’t right?

Did it all start to piece together

When you didn’t want to see what you had?

The kind of person who’d love you endlessly,

The kind of person you rather not have?


© Copyright 2010 Angela J. Thomas

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