Middle Class

Middle Class

In our days of this world, we seek to see not of the good, but of the bad.

We establish an eye for the poor, the helpless and the needy.

We hunger for the rich, the wealthy and the power.

We strive to see either of those kinds fail or blunder.

See the fallen fail more or for the first…laugh in hatred as they fallen in the first.

We, the people of the middle class are the savage beasts!

We are not at either end…that is why we are what we are, why we are who we are.

We watch and listen.  Wait and wonder.

Our television set is on, tuned in to listen to the weaker problems, the lesser minds, watching the fallen rise and the rise that has fallen.

A thrill to see a nigger rob a bank, a whore get killed in the streets, a drug dealer do time.  We tune in to listen to the higher living, the greater minds fumble in turmoil.

A delight to see a stiff banker get robbed, a rich man arrested for picking up prostitutes, a drug bust with the rich and the famous.

We always tune into this shit, so we can feel better about our lives, praising thankfully that is not us, not how we’ll ever want it to be.

Why don’t we praise for those who’ve been there and will soon seek freedom in there own captivity?

Because no difference are these two ends when they meet in the middle.

Angela J. Thomas copyright 2005