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Welcome to my poetry page!  I first started out writing poems at the age of 8.  I remember it like yesterday – I somehow managed to talk about bugs and got a rhythm out of it LOL.  I had my set of poems published at age 14 and have been writing ever since.  Most of my poetry styles are narratives, sonnets, sestinas, and limmericks.  I use these styles to form poems about enjoyment, guilt, pleasure or melancholy to appeal to my audience and relate to something that is, or once was, happening in their life.  Although poetry has taken a backseat in my life, I continue to produce them every so often, and sometimes success comes out of them.

To see my collection of poems, hover your cursor over  Poetry/Articles and a list of title poems and articles come up.  Click on each one individually.  Or if you prefer, scroll down and see a few you can directly click to.

***All poems are authentic and written by me.  Please refrain from plagiarism.  IT IS A CRIME! Thank you.***




Yesterday’s Gone


Breaking Free



Let It Go

Longing To Breathe

A Love Lost

Beat of My Heart


Eternal Life


Love’s Divine

Hearts Made for Breaking

Heart of Hope



The Joys of Thick, Frizzy Hair – Not!

Great Trunk~or~Treat Ideas for Halloween

Emotional Abuse: Know the signs

A Citizen’s Right!

Disney Disrespects Discipline

Middle Class

. . . and That’s Why They Call It ‘Falling’

Fight the Good Fight

The Dysfunctional Family: Is yours one?

4 Little Things Compulsive Cheaters Have In Common

How Not to Date

How to Tell a Sociopath from a Psychopath

15 Wackiest Laws in the U.S.

5 Ways You Have A Purpose

Values: Societies greatest hurdle

Think It, So Shall It Become: Perceiving what we want as reality

12 Signs That You Are Being Manipulated

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