A Love Lost

As darkness falls and time prevails

She identifies the scars.

Of his and her determined love

Infinite in each one’s heart.


A beat among a heart that bleeds

Is another life waken.

Sacrificing a suicide,

Her life already taken.


But she loves and lives on again

And tries to doubt he was there.

In time she didn’t even need him,

At times he didn’t care.


Two loves are lost, two different worlds,

And like a flame burned out.

It is a tragedy unsurpassed,

Love died in the moment of doubt.


Both had lingered a broken past,

Their hearts wounded in the flesh.

He never trusted to believe…

She had nothing more to confess.


She now lay awake on most nights

Contemplating what went wrong,

Trying to fall asleep, but cries…

When playing their greatest love song.


She found it even hard to eat

But courageously did again

Finding her way back to freedom

An obstacle till the end.


And she loves and lives on again

While two lovers lost there way.

Remembering the day she loved someone,

Finally, without dismay.

Copyright © 2005 by Angela J. Thomas

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