A Heavenly descent
From the opening of the Light
Shun upon my face
A breathtaking sight.

A beauty that rays
Across the pastel sunset hue
Be a face not to forget
In the mist of morning dew.

My arms are open
As far as the sea can be seen.
An infinite horizon
Gathered by a tangible green.

Appears a silhouette
Fair-weather and gentle May
Polished my pale cheek
And kissed all my sorrows away.

I still hold my breath
To the sight I barely see
Hoping to endure
All these fascinations to be.

I’m in love with an Angel
That reins up above
But for me, has descended down
To cure my love.

An Angel too hansom
A halo unforeseen
Wings of solid golden feathers
As imagined in dreams.

Lips of crimson color
Sinuous locks and lash
A stare so illuminating
Eyes of volcanic ash.

I love this Angel
That can watch me from above
But He has fallen unto me
To grant his everlasting love.

© Angela J. Thomas copyright 2004

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