My first poem I wrote in 1989 and at a very young age around Halloween.  Thought this would be fitting enough to share now since Halloween is less than 2 weeks away.  I was inspired by the Creepy Crawlers bug maker I had as a child (picture inserted below).  Man, what an imagination I had! The poem is definitely not award-winning, but what 8 year-old kid do you know that can write poems??

Creepy-crawlers around the house
Spiders and crickets and a tiny mouse
Under beds and in your hair,
Anywhere they go they just don’t care.Creepy_bugs

Warning! I’m telling you –
They might pop out and eat you too!
Don’t wait too slow, don’t wait to fast,
They’re going to get you in your future or past.

© Life Happens by Angela J. Thomas

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