I use to just walk away

But I’m tired of being burned

So many countless times I hurt

I figured you’d just learn.

Now, go play stupid

Act like you don’t know

Why you gone and done what you did

And pretend you got nothing to show!


Transform your reasons

Tell me why I shouldn’t be mad

You’re not listening to what you do

Only why I’m fighting back.

That slap!

Did you feel it on your face?

Or should I go to someone else

To think of things your mind can’t erase?


Maybe I can keep you guessing

Why I just won’t call

Disrespecting the relationship

And the person that I love.

Or maybe I utter names

That you don’t like to hear.

Oh, I see you’re listening now

It cuts deep doesn’t it dear?


It hurts, but you’ll never see.

Hurt, you’ll never be.

Pain, I insist you to feel

It’s pain that cut me this deal.


No willing are you

To comfort how it kills

The person you desire

The lies that were fulfilled.

The sharp edge of the blade

You stuck right into my heart

Was the only thing close to me

Before it fell apart.


Not you, the boyfriend I knew.

To be expected times a few.

The clock can’t go back

So why make the effort now?

You stuck me with that knife

You cared too late, a little too late….

I hurt, and you still wonder how?


You never meant much

When you said things you’ve broken.

“Sorry” became a habit

Forgiving you was a token.

And to think I use to walk away

Walk away from this before.

But, I’m tired of being burned

Wronged and ignored!


Why in the first place

Did you not want to say?

What you were doing

While you were away?

All in all, it doesn’t matter

What you did that day,

It’s that you had reason to hide it

And hoped I’d never know anyway.


“Should of, Would of,

Could of” told me.

Excuses that were unfolding.

After the choices were laid!

After the destruction made!

Trying to get away

Doing what you do to hide.

Don’t play me like an idiot

A guilty conscience never lies.


Copyright © 2008 by Angela J. Thomas

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