A Citizen’s Right!

I’m a United States Citizen! I broadcast it proudly. Born in Florida to middle class working parents.

What is the crime in that?

You say there is no crime in that – probably because if you’re reading this, you’re too a middle class citizen.

But the government says otherwise. That IT IS a crime to be born as a middle class U.S. citizen.

How’s that, you wonder?

They don’t announce it that it’s a crime because that would be going against the United States Constitution in which they have formed.  Instead, it is done stealth-like after years of preparation and condemnation.  It’s after our Country of the Free forms an alliance with nearby countries to show that this Land of the Free is a Great Nation allowing foreigners to pursue dreams here.  It’s when the government ignores that a good percentage of employers seek people who are bilingual when this country was deeded as an English speaking country.

Where does that leave the other percentage of people like me with amazing talent and skill that hasn’t learned to speak a different language because it wasn’t something that was NEEDED when applying for jobs just a few years ago?

It wasn’t something the government asked of U.S. citizens and we abide by the following.

Even the word “God” has been removed from our schools, social events and it’s still in limbo if it should remain printed on the U.S. dollar.

I cannot say that the United States of America is based on religion, but I CAN say my land’s foundation is and it should not be shaken! It should not be looked upon people like you and me and others worldwide as a country only based on selfish needs of one’s own.

Where is the support between our sisters and brothers of America? Better yet, where is the support from our congressmen for our middle class citizens? Citizens like myself, who need financial help because of the international transition and economical sway.

It is disturbing!
It is puzzling to me how the government bypasses hard working, tax paying and medical paying citizens that are at their last dollar.  They walk on by excusing middle class almost as if use to it.
They instead, accommodate a sanctuary as quick, quietly and as organized as possible for immigrants barely on U.S. soil for a day.
Getting them situated. Getting them fed. Getting them housed.
Where is MY break? Where is MY food? Where is MY shelter? Where and to whom is MY dollar going to?  Jobs are paying minimal, work is hard to find, there’s an increase in expense, yet a decrease in product.
I’m hardly surviving, or should I say barely living?
I’ve asked for the governments help! I didn’t ASK for much. I didn’t ASK for shelter. I didn’t even ASK for a grant. I merely asked for enough money to eat a daily meal, through this tough economic downfall.
As it turns out, I wasn’t approved to receive such money.
I wasn’t what they called, at poverty level. I wasn’t a single parent or another ethnicity.
For starters, what do they possibly know about poverty?  They sit on their high horse looking at just numbers.

I may not be getting paid dimes and nickels, but this is where the curve ball is thrown in!  They want me to pay taxes, SO I DO!  They want me to pay for medical insurance, SO I DO!
I abide by their laws and pay for my own bills. I’m not cheating the system, the system is cheating me.
If after all the money taken out of my paycheck for these expenses they want me to cough up in the first place isn’t considered poverty, than what is?
What is most bothersome is that a U.S. Citizen is treated like a minority in these particular situations.  Why is that?

Why can we not VOICE OUR RIGHTS and be heard by the government loud and clear?

I know in my situation, it isn’t just the dollar amount that concerns me; it is every bit of my pride being tested as a U.S. citizen during this time of struggle.  Thinking about tomorrow and what I’m going to do just exhausts me and triggers fear of what might be coming next.
I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.
If you are a person who feels this way, petition with me the RIGHTS you have as a U.S. Citizen. We have strength in numbers and something WILL be done.
The government empowers us by declaring the phrase “United We Stand” – well then, united we shall stand and reiterate to them what that definition is suppose to mean.


 Copyright © in 2008 by Angela J. Thomas

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