Feed my guilt upon your arms
Live alive there’s no more harm.
Father my stomach, I hear its haunts –
Peace be made by your so-called flaunts.
Tear my heart out, give me death.
What’s left of me is my last breath.
Dear to my heart you kindle my ache.
Arrow shot through my terrible mistake.

My mistake was made by a devilish wish,
Knowing to well it was not the kiss…..
That made things happen the night we stood –
Listening together beneath the hollow wood.
I know I have cried maybe to you,
But maybe it’s not that or maybe it’s true!?

Suddenly louder the noise awakes,
The peace has gone it’s already too late.
Carried home along the road,
There it stood my shadow has froze.
Though, given life it haunts me still,
The guilt in me has rest to kill.

My friend been laid in bed of flowers,
Killed her dead within my powers.
Been gone awhile, shadow has took her soul.
Life awaits it, Death is no more whole.
Copyright © 1998 by Angela J. Thomas

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