Let It Go

I know you’re distant now

You’ve closed the door on love.

And built the walls around you

Too high to get above.

I see you beat yourself up

When you think your life’s a maze.

Stop before you get ahead

And know it’s just a phase.

The hardest part in life

Is finding what makes you whole.

It’s not what you do that defines you –

It’s what’s in your heart and soul!

So, let it go!

Let your chains fall to the floor.

Let me in!

Let your heart be an open door.

Set it free!

Let your mind rest here with me.

Lay your tired eyes down

So I can make you feel at ease.

I see you chasing ghosts

Making excuses not to stay

But in other areas of your life

You don’t move too far away.

Don’t ever think you’re second best

Because the worlds not at your feet.

You’re loved for who you are

Be willing to open your eyes to see!

The leap of faith it takes

Is discovering change is good.

Otherwise you battle what’s inside

Than doing what you should.

So, let it go!

Let your worries fall behind you.

Let me in!

Let me be the one to guide you through.

Set it free!

Let your spirit dance on the spot

Make every moment count

Because it’s the only life you got.

© Angela J. Thomas copyright 2010

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