Love’s Divine

Written regarding a personal experience of Domestic Violence with someone I ‘thought’ I knew for over 10 years.  Dealing with it is one thing, caring for someone so much to know you have to let them go due to their violent behavior is another…having to give up on both loving someone and leaving trying to learn to trust others.
Love’s Divine
 Why does this feeling of dullness devour me,
seeping into my pores and extracts the very goodness of my ways?
Why did I allow my eyes and heart to see,
seasons I could not change with every passing day?
Dim-witted and confident of loves divine,
I kept on holding onto what was lost before without a prayer.
Days that relieved me to believe in time,
But distance and heartache became more numb and grayer.
I didn’t listen to my instincts first time around,
I battled it against my heart to prove everything was fine.
Though the intentions were of sincere sound,
I came to realize through labor he truly was never mine.
With the Spring came a wind that blew a sting,
right through our wrapped exasperated naked bodies.
And as the Summer night sky fell upon our dream,
we felt we couldn’t turn to listen to anybody.
There’s a stillness in the morning air the last we stood,
Together we are not amused to stay in vain.
Either one of us would have made the choice for good
It didn’t matter who was first to blame.
Although our hearts rely on its own exhilaration,
The soul rests beneath our dismissible behavior.
Discounting trust for another infatuation,
Testing love at its truest form waiting for a savior.
So, why am I dull and lifeless these days,
when I should be happy now without the grief and the pain?
These are the steps to conquer the useless charade
Loving something for a memory is all that remains.

Copyright © 2008 by Angela J. Thomas

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