This I started some time ago when a friend asked me to write about his mother who tragically passed away.  It was so emotional to write, that it took me some time to complete.  In 2012 my mother passed away and I read this poem during the eulogy.  People laughed . . . people cried.  Created to cherish the moment between a mother and her child.


May your eyes guide you
To the places she’s known
And cradle your body
In the quilt she has sewn.

A Mother as she
Who defies more than known
Forgets all her pain
To comfort your own.

She was built to withstandDorothy Thomas
The tallest of trees
To secure your world
Instead of her needs.

God created a gift
For love of others
A woman refined
That is called a Mother.

Sacrificed her life
To give you yours
And as you grew
There were other times more.

She rocked when you cried
Held you to sleep
Even when she was tired
Her energy had to keep.

And when you’re older
It’s still much the same
She comforts you
When you’re called bad names.

As you’re an adult
She may even parish
But she is still there
In heart you cherish.

God created a gift
To give unto others
He loves this woman
That is called a Mother.


© Angela J Thomas copyright 2004

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