This poem actually has two sides to it. Originally I was going to write two separate poems but I decided to combine the ‘fairytale’ and ‘not-so-fairytale’ parts of dating.  I think this is one of my best poems. Not because it is one of my BEST, but because I put my heart and soul into this one and it is probably the closest to what’s true to my heart.



I thought a miracle had happened
One that opened my eyes
From the ruins of this heart of mine
He nudged it back to life.
After all my searches have ended
And the ones who’ve played the games
Left me confused about relationships
It seemed he wasn’t the same.

He spoke such lovely words to me
I danced on them like sun-ray beams
I took the chance on happiness
That I forgotten how to be.
When he moved closer into me
And the light hit his eyes just right
I could see myself with him
And my future appeared as bright.

He pulled me in and grabbed me close
He slipped his fingers through my hair
Knocked on the walls of my broken heart
And told me not to be scared.
He slipped his hand into my hand
Asking me not to let go
In return I slipped him my heart
That’s when I should have known . . .

I’d fall for the man I’d be perfect with
Set ablaze the burning desire
That once was cold most darkened nights
Is now melted by desire’s fire.
He slipped into my invitation
My body of both sweat and breath
Our eyes gazed to meet in rhythm
True passion that doesn’t rest.

Laughing together brings us peace
Listening together soothes the soul
Both body and mind are connected
It makes us both feel at home.
Then as quickly as the passion lit
A storm I didn’t know was coming
Snuffed the burning flame right out
Made our something turn into nothing.

He pulled from me and pushed away
He slipped away his hand from mine
Quietly letting go of what’s good
That could be great given the time!
He slipped out through a secret door
Took my heart with him as he left
Leaving me confused about “we”
My heart is a broken mess!

[To Him] What happened to our bulletproof weeks?
What about “not going anywhere?”
Where can my trust go now?
Darling, what made you go there?
I don’t know what you’d call this.
I don’t know why it took this turn.
Baby, if you are torn inside
I’ll mend that brokenness of hurt.[]

He slips on through now and again
Playing my heart as a fiddle
I was fine with the friendship shared
Until he said that was too little.
That’s why I took that step forward!
That’s why I slipped up to believe!
That this man too good to be true
Would have no reason to leave me!

His ambivalence I could hate
But the mystery lures me in
Of his great affection one day
Then silence the next day again.
His confusion is my confusion
The clarity what’s wanted is dull
Either we are on top together
Or let what we grew to build fall.

I slip away not to stir emotions
The only thing I can do for now
So he can figure out his wants
And to love the best he knows how.
If only we had took the chance
As soon as feelings became real
We might endure great happiness
Instead of slipping from what we feel.

© Copyright Angela J. Thomas 2016, all rights reserved.

– Dedicated to *Sir M. Wade

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